Data Backup and Recovery
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Don't Panic, Data Backup and Recovery

Windows just crashed. The computer won't boot back up. Those "System Recovery Disks" that came with your computer will erase all of your data. In most cases, when Windows breaks and will not start up again, none of your data has been lost, you just don't have a way to get to it. Don't panic; even in cases of physically damaged drives, reformatted drives, and accidentally deleted files, data recovery is possible and may have a 95 to 98% success rate.

You should not attempt to recover data if your drives are physically damaged. If your drive was making strange sounds that you have not heard before, such as whirring, clicking or buzzing, you should get professional data recovery help and you should not attempt to recover data. If your computer was damaged in a flood, a power surge, or any other kind of disaster, get the help of a professional recovery service. In these situations any further use of the drive will cause more damage, making recovery more expensive or impossible.

Accidental file deletion

If you have accidentally deleted files or reformatted a drive it is imperative that you do not write anything to the drive; save your current work (on a different drive if possible) and turn off the computer.

Always have a backup

You might not realize how vulnerable your midterm thesis or your digital vacation photos are until they’re wiped from your machine . Fortunately, preventing unexpected data loss is as simple as storing crucial information in multiple areas. Backing up data regularly ensures that personal documents, photos, and other important files are secure in the event of a technology meltdown.

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