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You Can Protect Your Computer From Viruses

As indicated, you need antivirus or virus removal software to be safe. It is vital to include the cost of this antivirus software during the purchase of a new computer.

Once you've installed the antivirus software, you will need to download regular updates in order to effectively detect new virus outbreaks. The majority of antivirus or virus removal software comes with a year's worth of updates, and you can usually set the software to either automatically download the updates, or display a reminder for you to do so.

This is imortant since there are over 500 new viruses discovered each month!

Norton AntiVirus and McAfee VirusScan are the two well known virus removal programs for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. For Macintosh users, Norton AntiVirus and McAfee's Virex for Macintosh provide protection. For Linux users, try RAV AntiVirus.

While the vast majority of viruses target the Windows-based systems, Macintosh and Linux users would be wise to also have virus protection.

All antivirus or virus removal software lets you scan the computer's memory and hard drive for viruses. Depending on the antivrus software package, the antivirus program may also be able to protect against incoming emails and email attachments with viruses, instant messaging, such as ICQ, Attacks against your computer from outside via a firewall software thus providing internet security.

FREE Virus removal OnLine Scan

If you are looking for FREE virus removal, AVG Anti-Virus provides a free virus removal version of its antivirus program and free updates for Windows-based computers. Looking for a FREE OnLine virus removal tool , check out Trend Micro's free online virus removal scan and McAfee FreeScan.